Blue Dock
Oil on Canvas 48" x 24"



About This Piece.

With no horizon in sight, you stare out into the never ending abyss while your thoughts, fears, and concerns float away. The dock, a safe place to keep you from the storm or your thoughts, will keep you from drowning in the constant pulling of the weight your decisions carry. 

Blue for the soulful weight this piece carries with it. The strength and sturdiness almost promise that no matter the wave, it'll stay standing. With no end in sight and part to the sea churning as if it was stirring up the memories that want to drown you. Guard rail ropes will do their best to keep you from falling in but they can only hold you up enough, the harder you look down in the churing seas, the more likely they are to break. 

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Deatil shots of Blue Dock
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