Burning Hills
Oil on Canvas 12" x 48" 


About This Piece.

Working through another Rothko inspired piece, I wanted to see how colors would intermingle from a harsh warm tone and gradate it to a cooler purple. As i completed the color transfers, I started to feel like it more represented a scene I had seen lately. At the time I was creating this piece, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains were a blaze with fires and I remember them burning. This struck a cord with me and I felt it important to include this notion in the painting. 

The focus of this piece is the color and the transistions between them but additionally there is a subtle nod to the fires of that year. In the lower third, there are abstracted trees with smoldering ashes and smoke slowly reaching for escape. The crackling paint represents the destruction that took place as the fires ravaged the area, displacing thousands and destroying lives. 

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Deatil shots of Burning Hills
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