Martini Drinks
Oil on Canvas 12" x 12"


About This Piece.

Martinis are simple, elegant drinks that take on a certain air of civility and culture in the main stream preception of drinks. I wanted to capture that feeling and sophistication while still reducing it to more simplistic and approachable strokes. 

The brightness and vivid green olives stand out against an otherwise stark white background with a boldness that is justified by the drink its self. The conical shape of the glass creates an interesting challenge in recreating the way light reflects and moves through the liquid. A Martini glass also creates many intersecting lines that push and pull the viewers eyes down through the shapes and grounds it within the piece. Although there is nothing surrounding this glass, there is a sense that it is sitting on a table top or some other platform waiting to be enjoyed. 

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Deatil shots of Martini Drinks
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