Misty Trees
Oil on Canvas 36" x 36"


About This Piece.

Made on commission, Ms. Ellens asked that I paint something for her brother who was returning from his tour in the military. He has just purchased a home and was hoping to get him something that would help him feel that his house was a place of peace, strength, safety, and security. After a couple disscussions, I described to her the image that I had in my head. 

Living in Colorado, I am constantly reminded of the impressive grandness of the mountains that linger to the west. The mist cover moutain tops with their trees peaking out through the dense greys represent the strength and uncertain but assured safety someone feels when they travel through the valleys. Hidden in those valleys, submered in the mist, there is a peaceful quiet that you can imagine some find solice and security. The mountains stand strong and stoic just as he has. 

Sold to Ms. Ellens

Deatil shots of Misty Trees
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