Old Fashioned
Oil on Canvas 12" x 12"


About This Piece.

When I was first getting started at painting, I was painting still lifes of liquor bottles and adding a flare of my design degree to add a level of interest and intrigue. Since departing from the vein of including the element of design, I still found that I enjoyed painting something simple and immobile. I was sitting in my studio, staring at a blank canvas, with a drink in hand and decided it would be a good subject. The challenges of capturing the look and feel of glass, with a liquid and ice within it seemed exciting. 

Old fashioned drinks vary from region to region. At the time of this painting, I was drinking a sweet variety I had had recently upon visiting Milwaukee. There they include a muddled orange with a cherry and the lovely brown liquid I enjoy, Whiskey. All the colors, intertwined with light breaking through and reflecting off the harsh angles of the ice cubes and the cylindrical glass made for a challenging and interesting piece. The isolation focuses the viewers eye and allows for the exploration of a single object. 

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Deatil shots of Old Fashioned
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