Yellow Blue Abstract
Oil on Canvas 18" x 36"


About This Piece.

Rothko is one of my favorite artists. His exploration of color and the dynamic energy they create when they are juxtaposed in a space creates a powerful message and an intriguing conversational piece. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and do a little exploration of my own. Instead of simply seeing how the blue and yellow would interacted with each other, I added another layer of texture by applying a complimentary color as the base and layering the final colors with a semi-transparent application. The result was a highly textural yellow/orange field that sat on top of a seemingly oscilating blue field. 

Two interesting insights emerged from this activity. First, the balance of the piece is interesting in that all though there is more yellow on the canvas, it feels balanced with the blue. This suggests that the heavier tones and the placement of the colors impact the viewers perception. Secondly, by leaving a textured white boarder, the viewer may feel like they are peering into a highly abstracted space where the sky is yellow and fighting with the sea. 

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Deatil shots of Yellow Blue Abstract
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